About Us

Objectives of WEBOLIM

  • To conduct prayers and meditations for the internal peace and universal harmony.
  • To maintain Dharma in the society which comprises social and family values.
  • To educate the people in culture through the Vedas and Ramayana which are repository of human and divine values.
  • To support and synthesis the movements and organizations which work to maintain Dharma.
  • To serve the needy students in education by offering funds.
  • To serve the affected people in natural calamities like tsunami.
  • To serve the people in villages by making them to maintain their culture.
  • To publish various research articles related to the Vedas and Ramayana.
  • To bring the whole of Vedic literature and Ramayana of Valmiki in online with the translation, interpretations and also with the philosophy of the texts.
  • To develop a research institute in which scientific, psychological and social significance of all the practices based on Dharma can be published.
  • To conduct various workshops, seminars, camps, conferences and courses related to the Vedic culture and Ramayana to show the relevance of the Vedic way of life in day to day life.

Join Us

How to join as a volunteer in Webolim?

We cordially invite the interested people in Webolim. Interested people pay their service to Webolim in many ways.

  • By attending the workshops and camps.
  • By attending the study circles conducted by Webolim.
  • By organizing the workshops and camps in their own places.
  • By paying voluntary services in the camps and workshops.


Electronic Transfer NEFT or RTGS
Account Name Webolim Trust
Bank Corporation Bank
Branch Jigani Branch
Account No 520101257799830
IFCS Code CORP0001288
MICR Code 560017088