Vedantic Retreat

Upanishads are the great scriptures which discuss the core values of life. They make us to understand the reality of life itself. Vedantic retreat is mainly to deal with the spirituality of Upanishads and its relevance in life. This is conducted in a silent zone of a natural surrounding with nature’s all blessings about which Upanishads are discussing. This retreat is conducted for a week, which is a blend of meditations and discourses enabling the participants to have a clarity and understanding of what Upanishads are dealing with.

Ramayana Retreat

Ramayana, the greatest epic of Dharma and values in the whole life includes all aspects of life and has solutions for many problems that occur in our life. Ramayana retreat is a ten days residential camp in which fundamental values from Ramayana are taught in an elaborate method. The retreat is conducted in a serene atmosphere with a beautiful surrounding with trees, shrubs, and brooks. This includes discourses from Ramayana with power point projections, Asanas, Pranayama, meditation, teaching slokas from Ramayana with meaning, group discussions, interactions, various games to improve our cognition and entertainments like drama, music, and dance related to various events from Ramayana.

Vedic Yoga Camp

We have various research papers in international indexed scientific journals to prove how Pranayama and Mantric meditation can improve our cognitive powers. Mantric meditation is scientifically proven to be the one which establishes peace, harmony and health in our life. Sandhyopasana is the combination of all these things. Various psychological tests were conducted in the people who perform Sandhyopasana every day thrice. Pre and post data. Agnikarya. Vedic Yoga camps are conducted to to establish peace, harmony, health and pure atmosphere in life through introducing Vedic practices in ones own life.

Yogic Camp for Corporates

Modern corporate life is very tough, hectic and stressful. Our ancient scriptures have various techniques to establish a relaxed life even in a hectic schedule. This camp is to make a life which has to be a harmonious synthesis of silence and action; stimulation and relaxation; being and making; harmony and strength; peace and power and focussing and expanding the mental faculties. Various Yogic techniques are taught in this camp which enables us to work being in silence; to stimulate the action being in relaxation and to emanate the power being in peace.

This camp also includes discourses with power point presentations on values which are significantly emphasised in modern corporate system. These discourses are not just to prescribe few values; but to answer for the fundamental questions like whys and how’s of values.

Service Camps

Webolim conducts various service camps. This generally goes for a week. The camp is an exposition of the participants to various villages. It is to go to villages and to serve the villagers by cleaning the village, teaching them the jobs related to cottage industry and educating them the moral values and Yoga. This happens mainly at the time of the month of May (vocation). It is conducted at the time of emergencies like Tsunami also.