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Dhvani Dipika


Another magnum opus made by Dr R. Ranganji is the collection “Dhvani Dipika”. It is a commentary on the Rig Veda in Sanskrit based on a lifetime’s research. It contains the cognitive, psychological, and spiritual interpretations of the Rig Veda. It is named so because it throws light on the tone of the Veda which is spiritual in essence. In this collection of books, Dr R. Ranganji tries to shine a light on the archetypal nature of the Vedas while being inclusive and respecting the pre-existing commentaries. He gives an esoteric meaning to the mantras found in the Rig Veda, thereby proving the Vedas to be more than just a “ritual manual”. For anyone interested in knowing the inner meaning of the Vedas, given in a verse-by-verse manner, this book proves to be an excellent resource.


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