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Sitalakshmi Gurukulam was started in 2018 to offer children a holistic education, both in culture and academia. Nestled in the midst of the wilderness in Bengaluru, India, it is an institution which aims to educate students of a wide range of backgrounds in Hindu cultural education alongside conventional schooling.

Cultural education involves rigorous teaching in various facets of our culture, such as Yoga, Ramayana, and other scriptures, with a focus in providing a strong moral base and producing people with a strong and clear vision towards societal well- being and positive change.

The conventional academics are undergone through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). Through this platform, we offer more than ten subjects allowing students to choose, explore, and expose themselves to a variety of options, based on their future plans. With a diverse background of students and teachers, Sitalakshmi Gurukulam is trying to nurture productive and contributive members of society who are connected to their culture and heritage.

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What Makes us Different

What Makes us Different

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As a 5 year student of Sitalakshmi, I can confidently say that my time here has given me purpose and clarity, along with an amazing support system. I am truly indebted to the people here who have shaped me and given me clarity. For me, the biggest benefit is that I’m happy with who I am, have a clear idea about my future, and a strong set of values. I couldn’t ask for more!


Over the years, my family members are testament to how Sitalakshmi has moulded not only my character but all my peers collectively. The unique system of “unlearning” is what sets Sitalakshmi apart from the rest and has directly impacted my ethos, work ethic and even my outlook on society as a whole. The Bharatiya value system is embedded in Sitalakshmi pedagogy and something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


As a student of Sitalakshmi Gurukulam, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the profound impact that this esteemed institution has on my academic journey and personal growth.

The holistic approach to learning at Sitalakshmi Gurukulam have equipped me with invaluable skills that continue to serve as pillars of strength in my college life. The emphasis on dharma, Ramayana, Vedic studies, practical thinking, and interdisciplinary learning has laid a solid foundation for my academic pursuits at BITS Pilani.

Moreover, the nurturing environment and unwavering support from the faculty at Sitalakshmi Gurukulam have nurtured a sense of confidence and resilience within me. The encouragement to explore diverse interests and engage in extracurricular activities has broadened my horizons. The emphasis on dharmic values and social responsibility has instilled in me a strong sense of integrity and empathy, guiding my actions throughout every moment.

As I navigate the challenges and opportunities of higher education, I often find myself drawing upon the lessons and values imparted by Sitalakshmi Gurukulam. The transformative journey at Sitalakshmi has not only prepared me academically but has also shaped me into a well-rounded individual committed to Dharma,lifelong learning and personal exellence.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sitalakshmi Gurukulam for its unwavering commitment to holistic development, academic excellence and nurturing environment. The profound impact of my time at Sitalakshmi continues to resonate, guiding me towards academic success and personal fulfillment.

Srinidhi. N

I am Srinidhi Naren, currently studying in the 12th grade. Over the past five years as a student at Sitalakshmi Gurukulam, I have experienced momentous personal growth. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the institution and Anna for providing an education that has been truly life-changing, guiding me at every turn, and instilling values that will forever shape my actions and decisions.

What sets Sitalakshmi Gurukulam apart is its unique synthesis of the Ramayana, our cherished Eastern shastras, and secular education. This holistic blend ensures that the students are taught enough to lead a “successful” life as per our society’s terms. However, in reality, I would attribute that the bigger treasures I acquired in Sitalakshmi Gurukalam were the life-shaping perspectives and human values I picked up. Here are 3 major perspectives that I have gained:

1. The Significance of Human Values in Education
The very motto of this institution is ‘unlearn’ – unlearn the prejudices, preconceived notions, and complexities that we tend to accumulate while living in a normal society. Unlearning provides us with a clean slate which helps better in inculcating human values into our lives. With the internet and ChatGPT, knowledge has become easily accessible to all. However, what ChatGPT cannot teach us is the value system we should base our actions on. We are geared to achieve and be “successful”, but were not taught the importance of having a solid ethical grounding. There is a lack of guidance for the basic human values which heavily end up influencing our means to success. In Sitalakshmi, we aren’t just taught these human values but we are encouraged to imbibe them into every instance of our lives. With Lord Rama as our exemplar and under the guidance of our guru, Dr. R. Ranganji, each one of us is motivated to lead a life anchored in Dharma, emphasizing conduct and character.

2. Yoga: Living in the now
In a myopic way, we all end up chasing our futures throughout our lives. The yogic component of Sitalakshmi Gurukulam taught me to slow down and see the present. The mindfulness I gained allowed me to be at peace with my reality and cultivate a balanced approach to ambition and contentment.

3. Relevance of our shastras in the modern-day world
The way Anna teaches our shastras here has opened my eyes to see the beauty and wisdom in

them. In this generation, we can feel a heavy disconnect to our tradition and heritage. However, when learning these shastras, that which felt separate and unapproachable now feels very relatable and relevant. The concepts behind the Vedic deities, Krishna’s words on karma yoga, and many more such teachings feel easier to connect to now and I can see how they are shaping the way I think and act.

Sitalakshmi Gurukulam has offered me more than just academic excellence; it has guided me toward a Dharmic way of life. Proud to be its student, I am committed to embodying and sharing the values of Sanatana Dharma. I duly thank my parents for enrolling me here and providing me with such an education and my heartfelt thanks to Sitalakshmi Gurukulam and Anna for this invaluable guidance and clarity.

Sahana. N

Sitalakshmi Gurukulam has moulded many young children, shaping their character. In my case, however, it ‘remoulded me’.

By the time I had joined this school, I was already in the middle of my teenage with perspectives and ideologies on life that were inspired by an English education. I believed in the value of academic success as being more important than anything else.

But Sitalakshmi’s success was in helping me gradually ‘unlearn’ my narrow thinking and appreciate a much deeper worldview. Learning the Ramayana and growing up with Anna has taught me that human values, purpose, empathy and dharma are superior to notions of ‘success’. The people at the Valmiki ashrama community further served as living role models for these values – setting aside very successful careers to do something of purpose for the society. I am grateful to have grown in an environment where sacrifice and social service (or ‘abhyudhaya’ to use the Sanskrit term) were repeatedly emphasized, demonstrated and instilled.

While my learning journey with Sitalakshmi has been multidimensional, what I am most grateful for is that it has humbled me, opened me up and given me a sense of social purpose. It has taught me that ‘vidya dadhati vinayam’. Now in my early 20s, as I embark on my professional career, I owe it to Sitalakshmi for giving my character an anchoring and making me strive to be a morally better human being every day.

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