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Webolim conducts over 100 Ramayana classes globally. People of all ages learn the story through slokas from Valmiki Ramayana. Children are taught the story and human values through games and activities. Young adults and adolescents indulge in discussions on various parts of the Ramayana to understand with ethical questions, moral dilemmas, and value-based systems. Some classes include reading Ramayana as it is – the ‘parayanam’. In all these classes, Webolim aims to achieve a holistic and enjoyable approach to learning and live by the principles of Rama.

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* Not all classes contain all the above sessions. Sessions conducted change depending on the age group and seniority level.

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Hear From our Students

My daughter Rithika joined Ramayana classes when she was around 6 years(2009) and I joined webolim along with her in the interest of Ramayana Katha. Gayathri ji meticulously taught us Srimadh Valmiki Ramayana parayanam, our tongue rolled for reciting slokas, ears eagerly got The Ramayana rasa.

I know nothing about Sanskrit. In such a nice way Anna and Manni has poured basic Sanskrit into us with Ramayana. Everything here is Ramayana and the internal peace you get is like you have reached mother’s abode. Every class of us has given us tremendous insights. The efforts taken by our Guru is humungous.

I know how I was earlier and slowly how I have transformed. The taste in Dharma deepens. Children learn to live with clarity and courtesy. Guru krupa SitaRama’s blessings
I am with Webolim and I pray to remain in the shade of gurus feet always.
Sitaram ji


Mahalakshmi (Adults Class)
Bangalore, India

For the past three or four years I am privileged to be a member of WEBOLIM Sunday class. Only after joining the class
I started getting great insights of Ramayana Slokas. Previously I had only a peripheral view or understanding. It has changed now. With that understanding I am trying to look at any incident or people in a completely different perspective. This is enabling me to imbibe in me at least one kalyanaguna of Sri Rama so that instead of being simply a human being I can become humane (sarva bhootha hitaha).

The whole exercise is making me to reiterate one point
अच्छे कहलवाने की कोशिश मथ करो बदले में
अच्चे बनने कि कोशिश करो


Srinivasan (Adults Class)
Srirangam, India

I joined Webolim in 2016.The power of the Ramayanam classes grow day by day. Initially, we were getting take-home points and implementing them. Now, it has come to that point where whatever questions/ worries plague our minds the whole week get answered the next class without us asking! RamaThavasmi. Jai Sitaram🙏🙏


Sathya Mahadevan (Adults Class)
Chennai, India

As we go about our lives, working, earning, spending and growing older, there would be a time when we look inward and find something missing. The purpose of life. That missing piece is filled by Ramayanam classes at Webolim.

Story of SriRama superficially, all would know. However, what is taught in class is very deep – what SriRama stood for, how he faced the challenges in front of him and what to learn from that for our daily lives so that we can find the purpose of our lives.

While we might not face the challenges that Kaikeyi or Ravana threw at SriRama but we do face challenges in our lives where the question “what is the right thing to do?” comes to our mind. The lessons in the Ramayana class gives answers to us. The fellow students of the class are from varied professions and backgrounds but these questions, despite that variety, I am sure, get answered to all. That is the vastness of the subject we are learning. Pranams to Ranganji, manni and Gayathriji for the blessings.


Sreeram (Adults Class)
Bangalore, India

Sitaram. Webolim Ramayana class concentrate on Ramayana parayanam, sloka learning, understanding the epic’s meaning, and practicing its values in our life. Very sincere and dedicated teachers take us through Ramayana in detail. They give practice and bashan in such a way that it touches your heart and you can see transformation in you. Ganamrutham, what is dharma, darshan, thozhil dharmam ….some of the books written by Anna is taken in class and assignments are given to understand the thought process of the writer in depth.

Those who are missing webolim should feel bad and those who are attending can/should feel proud. Blessed are those connected with webolim. 😊


Mythili (Adults Class)
Chennai, India

My son – 9 Year old Hetal – likes the class so much from day 1 because of the style of teaching…with that, he was so keen to attend every week and keeps checking with me about the class details….one more point is the class runs on important points that can be take out from Ramayana’s epic that has huge impact on the kids…

Hetal K (Kids Class)
Bangalore, India

I started the journey with Webolim by sitting with my daughter during her virtual Ramayanam class, under the tutelage of Rama mami. The thirst to know more propelled me to enroll myself as a student and I started attending classes under the tutelage of Gayatriji.

From then, the journey has seen no bounds. From being a mere listener and then a knowledge seeker, I don’t know when I became a devotee of Anna and Ramayanam.

The gifts that Anna and Webolim have given to me and to this society are limitless – our weekly classes, enriching books teaching us Ramayana and Dharma, Ayodhya yatras and the ever enlightening upanyasam/ lectures (physical and digital) on Ramayanam as a whole, characters of Ramayanam, Rama guNangaL, What is Dharma, Samartha Ramadas & Chattapati Shivaji charitram, India and her strength, awakening to all Indians about today’s society and what the future can look like, and so on. The list is endless.

If Valmiki gifted Rama and Ramayanam to this world, our Ranganna and Webolim are working towards ensuring every living being is benefited with Ramayana. May we all work towards building the Rama Rajya under the guidance of our Anna.


Sarada Narayan (Adults Class)
Bangalore, India