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In this post-modern era few have begun looking for alternate education, getting dissatisfied with sheer bread making Macaulayite Education. The population of these searchers is gradually increasing. This is due to various reasons. Nowadays people start to understand that sheer bread making or materialistic benefits cannot be the ultimate goal of education. Education should be holistic which eventually enhances the learner in his/her material, vital, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual planes. Having realised this, few parents have come forward in opting for Gurukula method of schooling for their children. There are now schools which are exclusively dedicated for traditional arts. There are few other schools which are dedicated for cottage industry training and farming. Schools which have tailor made courses that teach sculpture, Yoga and so many new subjects are coming up. Gurukulas of Vedic studies too are gradually rising up again in our nation. Few modern schools too, try to adopt few Gurukula teaching methods. Days have gone in which there was a notion that only drop outs go for Vedic studies. Nowadays even bright students from well-settled families join Gurukulas to learn Vedas. This is either due to their interest in the holistic education of Vedic culture or due to their devotion to the Vedas. Also, it is our obligation to offer our service to Sanaatana Dharma, which has its foundation as universal welfare. Education is the most important tool to impart culture. It is vital to pass on our culture to our children through education. In ancient India only through education the great seers like Vasishta imparted culture. In modern times, mainly through education the western culture entered into India to capture her. Therefore, we would like to offer an education, which will shape the students of our Gurukulam in making them the cultural ambassadors representing human values with a vision of universal welfare.


What Makes us Different

Hear From Parents

Smt. Gopika 

Shruti Rama Gurukulam is the most ideal place for children who aspire to learn Veda. The unique quality of this place is that it has a fine blend of Veda, Ramayana, Bhagavata Sampradaya, Ethical values, Yogabhyasa all in one package. Children will learn to lead a dhaarmic life despite being amidst adhaarmic activities in the society. They will turn out to be aadarsha purushas to the ones around them similar to their Guru Srimaan Dr. Ranganji.

Shri. Rajaraman 

As a student at Shrutiram Gurukulam, an institution nurtured by the benevolent Webolim Trust under the guidance of Dr. RANGAN JI, I share my heartfelt appreciation. Nestled amidst the verdant beauty, this Vedic school is a sanctuary for seekers of ancient wisdom. The sacred chants resonate through, creating an atmosphere that transcends mere education. Here, we don’t merely study; we immerse ourselves in the cosmic syllables of the Veda with its Bashyam. Our days are woven with threads of discipline, devotion, and self-discovery. No mundane exams or certificates weigh us down; instead, we ascend through yoga, meditation, and the pursuit of inner harmony thro Ramayana. As a student, I find solace in the ancient verses, purpose in the rituals, and a profound connection to our spiritual heritage. My pranams to RANGAN Anna and Manni who always thinks about us and our development with care.

Smt. Kalpana Hari

Around 2015, We were one of those parents who were concerned about the standard of schools teaching modern education and the rat race happening there. And it is at that time, Shrutiram Gurukulam, a Vedic gurukulam, came as a blessing. Dr Ranganji the founder President of Shrutiram Gurukulam admitted our child who was then 6 years old in the gurukulam. Since then, Dr Ranganji alongwith immense help of his wife Smt Janani manni became our child’s parents, and teacher. Our son began his Vedic studies under their able guidance. As years went by, our assumption that our son was learning only Veda was proved wrong. We realised that Ramayana, Yoga, conventional school subjects and the language Sanskrit, the base to understand our shastras were also being taught to the children. The more he learnt the more he started to incline towards Indian culture. What is life without values, contentment and peace? All these came to him and permeated in our family and life. The gurukulam is set up in a healthy environment that preventsany distractions that may of today’s kids face. Sri Rama and Sitamma grace, the bud is getting nurtured in a positive and healthy way.

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