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Ramayana Insights


In this book, Shri Ranganji has selected few themes from Srimad Valmiki Ramayana and has given a deeper understanding of the subject. These are less touched upon titles. First essay on Dharma and its connection with various human values such as gratitude and establishing Ramayana’s style – starting from Karuna rasa and its evolution to Virya rasa is a fresh insight. Some of the topics covered in book such as – Is Sita modest or modern, Did Rama eat meat are subjects of lesser clarity for common public. These questions appear now and then in some forums. Logic behind the answers with loads of references give a thorough understanding to the reader. Not only deeper understanding, it arms one with convincing clarity to explain it to others as well. Another essay pens down the Holistic personality of Rama and the focus of Valmiki Rishi to deliberate on the noble qualities of Rama so that he can be easily relatable and be inspired from. The chapter called Evolution of Ravana shows his character metamorphosis at various phases. It is quite interesting to know how his character arc starts with pomp cum arrogance and gradually traverses through ego reduction. There is one more fascinating article for number lovers. Ramayana speaks of a huge number about the time period for which Rama ruled, which is beyond current human imagination. Different perspectives to interpret these numbers are dealt within this article. There are various other chapters on treatment of word Karma yoga in entire Valmiki Ramayana, suggestive theories around Species of vanaras with possible explanations. The book’s final essay speaks about Potential contribution of Ramayana to the future world as a repository of solutions for problems that come in families in relational transactions. Overall, this book not only gives a scholarly knowledge but also impels one to digger deep to understand various layers of Ramayana and move one step ahead in path of Dharma.


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